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How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Let me just start by saying that these tips on how to get her back are for men who have decided that they absolutely positively want to learn how to get back their ex girlfriend. This is a time tested philosophy of emotional reframing, developed over years of observation and analysis. The premise is that while we are all different people in very unique ways, we all speak a very similar emotional language and there are basic, inherent truths we can observe and put to work that are all but guaranteed to how to get her back. This is why I say that please consider first whether or not you want to or even should get back with her, not all relationships are meant to be fellas.

If you’re still reading than I’m assuming you’ve done the thinking and are ready to get your ex girlfriend back. So, you’ve no doubt been thinking a lot about the relationship, at times it probably feels like you can’t get her out of your head. That’s normal, your brain is trying to adjust to a new and rising flood of emotional stimuli and will do what it takes to come up with hard and fast answers to questions that just can’t be answered in that fashion.


The links on these pages to get your ex girlfriend back fast will clue you in to this fascinating new science of emotional reframing and you will no doubt see the results that thousands of men have already achieved in getting back their ex.

● The first thing to strategize about is how you want to make the next contact, the contact that is going to matter the most. You’ve probably already made some sort of contact: desperate phone call, angry email or text. If you haven’t then great, one less thing to worry about. If you have not to fret, that’s normal and he great thing about this method is the past doesn’t matter near as much as what it going to happen in the future.

● The most preferred method of contact for this important step is a phone call. We’ve seen results with random face to face meetings, and while the best electronic cigarette element of surprise has worked in some mens favor, it’s just too hard to orchestrate a meeting and a phone call has the added bonus of reduced anxiety (believe me, you’ll have anxiety when you make that call but near as much as if you ump into her at a public spot).

● Chances are high that your ex girlfriend won’t answer the phone, but she might, so be prepared either way. You may need enlargement pills and you should have a well-thought out voice mail in your head, one where you come across as calm, cool and somewhat detached. Time has gone by, you’d just like to catch up and see how she’s doing. These links will speak more to the specifics but it obvious to say that your demeanor during this contact is crucial. You really only get one shot at this contact and you need to do it right.

The length of time that has gone by since the initial split is also fairly important. While these methods and observations can and do work at nay point in the game, the success rate is highest (and more importantly works quickest) given the shorter amount of time since the initial split. It is of the utmost importance that if you have decided in green coffee bean extract review you want her back than you need to get started now.

For ladies, you can also learn how to get him back using the advice here.